Can I get a discount?

You can receive a discount 2 different ways: 

  1. You can become an affiliate by signing up at You will receive a unique link that you will send people to to refer them to use sixleaf. 

    Payout Breakdown: 

    -For any ZonBlast packages, you receive 25% of the revenue.
    -For any Suite packages, you receive 50% of the revenue.

    You continue to get paid commissions for the life of that account. 

    Ex: A customer signs up through your referral link and stay with SixLeaf for 6 months. You get paid a commission each month based on the package they signed up for. 

2. If you are looking for a larger package, we can create one for you based on your needs. Just contact support at to learn more. 

Let us know if you have any questions!

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