Getting Started with Bridge

We have a quick guide below on how to get started with Bridge below as well as a few frequently asked questions.

Q: I signed up for Bridge and I don't see an ad account to integrate. What should I do?

A: You need to log into Facebook's ad manager to enable your ad account. You do not have an ad account by default. Visit to set that up.

Q: How far back in order history can I go? 

A: We pull customer orders from as far back as one full year.

Q: How long does it take for an audience to be created? 

A: Amazon segments typically populate within minutes but could take longer depending on how long you have been selling. Facebook could take up to 24 hours. It will depend on the size of your order history.

Q: I've created an audience, but there is nobody in it. What's wrong? 

A: Remember, your audience should only have people in it immediately if you chose to pull past customer data. If you don't, then you only start collecting orders from the moment you create the audience.

A: Double check that you have accepted the TOS for Facebook ads or Bridge will not be able to upload any audiences to it. 

Input your FB account number at the end of the link below. The first link is for a FB ad account from your personal FB account and the second link is to use if you have a business FB ad account. 

Q: What does the Bridge trial offer? 

A: You are limited to creating one custom audience in the 7 day trial. After the trial, you have the ability to create an unlimited amount of custom audiences. You can also upgrade from the trial at any time to the paid version. 

Have questions about creating Facebook ads? Click below for a wealth of information direct from the source!

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