How Do I Set or Change My Active Products?

Below is a quick video walkthrough showing you how to set products active for the first time.

-If you want to swap active product slots for products you have not run promotions for in your billing cycle, simply repeat the steps above in the video walk through.

-If you are trying to swap products AFTER you have run a promotion for them, you have a few options. 

Each package allows for XX number of products to be promoted per month. 

For example, the 1 product package allows for 1 product to be promoted as many days as you would like throughout your billing cycle. 

1. Upgrade your account to a higher package in the billing section of your account. You will be billed the prorated amount of the new package and your billing cycle will stay the same. Here is a short video walk through of upgrading your account. 

2. Wait until your next billing cycle starts over to swap your products to another product you wish to promote. You can view your billing cycle in the billing section of your account at anytime

3. We can also bill you early for your current plan so you could start scheduling promotions today and your billing cycle would start over today as well. 

If you have any questions, simply reply directly to this message! 

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