How Optimize Listings Work

SixLeaf's Optimize copywriting service is a professionally written Amazon listing for your product, that boosts conversion rate, gains exposure, and improves your overall ranking.

Our expert copywriters analyze your niche, your competition and create a listing that will get clicks, convert buyers, and “stick the landing” long-term in Amazon’s search results. The Amazon A9 ranking algorithm is largely driven by conversion rate. And conversion rate is driven by excellent presentation of your product and brand.

Included with a SixLeaf Optimize

  • Three Titles: keyword-rich, attention-grabbing titles are provided in 3 variations, ready to be placed directly into your listing
  • Benefit Rich Bullets: put visitors in the shoes of owning your product and you'll have customers for life
  • Search Terms: copy-paste right into Seller Central to get your product in front of the right audience at the right time
  • Suggested PPC Keywords: Get the key words and phrases you need to optimize your PPC campaigns
  • Image Analysis: we tell you precisely how to optimize your photos for maximum click thru from search
  • Pricing Analysis & Suggestions: you may not be priced for maximum net profit; try our suggested prices to maximize your product's long-term potential
  • Competitive Analysis: we dive deep into understanding your competitors' products and what they get right (and wrong)
  • Choose Your Delivery Date: Deliverable as a PDF and ready to copy-paste into Seller Central.

To make sure you're completely satisfied, we offer revisions for 30 days and a 60 day guarantee on all of our copywriting. If you do not see a significant increase in conversion rate (relative to sessions) you could be eligible for a full refund. 

All copywriting services are included in our Advanced Suite of tools. Schedule your Optimize now by clicking HERE and signing up for the Advanced Suite 

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