The SixLeaf Guarantee

We are so confident in our platform, strategies, and knowledge about Amazon & the E-Commerce space that we offer a guarantee with our ZonBlast promotional services. 

Our guarantee is based on having the most data and experience in this space. We've blasted practically every physical product on the U.S. Amazon Marketplace there is, and we know what's required to get results. 

We guarantee a positive improvement in search rankings for the relevant keywords you targeted after the promotion is over based on our recommendations for your product within 3-7 days post-promotion (After the promotion has ended)

If you do not see positive improvement in search rankings for the relevant keywords and you followed our recommendations on promotion pricing, how many units to allocate per day and for how many days, you could be eligible for a full or partial refund. 

In order to provide our guarantee, there are a few simple, but very important points you need to implement into your promotion. These points are based on mountains of data and we HIGHLY encourage you to follow them for each and every promotion in order to get the most out of SixLeaf and to ensure you're always backed by the SixLeaf Guarantee.

Our Expectations of You

  1. The claim codes and your listing is accurate and active at the time your promotion is live. 
  2. The keywords you target MUST be in your title, bullet points and description. 
  3. You followed the SlingShot Strategy when determining how many sales you need per day and for how long. 
  4. You kept your total final discount (including stacked codes) limited to less than 90% off. 

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