What is MOQ? (Max Order Quantity)

Amazon single use coupon codes do not restrict 1 purchase to a single use coupon code. The single use coupon codes only restriction is that it is good for a one time use. 

To protect your inventory during a promotion, you must set "Max Order Quantity" (MOQ) to 1 (or another value that you desire) during any type of promotion. (Lightning Deal, FB campaign etc) Setting MOQ to 1 restricts all purchases on your listing to 1 while it is set. 

You can manually activate this setting at anytime in your Seller Central dashboard. The 60 second video below shows you exactly how.

We have a built in security feature for SixLeaf clients and you can have this set automatically when creating a promotion. 

When enabling the feature, it's important to remember a few things. 

  1. We attempt to set your MOQ before your promotion begins on the day your promotion is scheduled to start. 

    NOTE: Due to limitations in Amazon's developer access for 3rd party software (API calls) SixLeaf cannot see or verify that MOQ is set properly. We can only send the request to Amazon on behalf of our clients. Most of the time, MOQ gets set properly and within minutes. There is a small possibility that the request from SixLeaf could take longer than expected for Amazon to process. This is why we stress to everyone 2 times before your promotion begins to double check your MOQ is set properly. 

    NOTE: SixLeaf will not be responsible for any lost inventory due to MOQ not being set and not double checked by the seller before the promotion begins. 

      2. Once your promotion is over, we do not turn this feature off. You can easily change it to any value you want once your promotion is over in your Amazon Seller Central dashboard. We do not set this value back to another value after your SixLeaf promotion is over because you might have over lapping promotions and we do not want to change that value in the case that you do. 

Below is a short video explaining the features of our auto set MOQ and why we have made the changes we have made. 

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