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ADVANCED USERS - File formatting to create your own csv file for upload to Bridge

Written by Ken
Updated 5 months ago

In order to keep the Bridge data upload process as easy as possible we have retained the report format as it is produced at Amazon in Seller Central.

This would be for those users who may want to combine or filter the data you are uploading into the system.  This is easy to accomplish by making sure you output your reformatted data in a comma separated file.

The file specification is as follows:
1.      Comma Separated
2.      All fields should be formatted as strings with double quotations enclosing them
3.      All date fields are formatted “YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+00:00” the resultant date/time will be as in this example “2018-09-15T06:58:11+00:00”

The first row of the file should contain the column headers. 

The headers for each column, and field order should be as follows:

  • "amazon-order-id"
  • "merchant-order-id"
  • "shipment-id"
  • "shipment-item-id"
  • "amazon-order-item-id"
  • "merchant-order-item-id"
  • "purchase-date"
  • "payments-date"
  • "shipment-date"
  • "reporting-date"
  • "buyer-email"
  • "buyer-name"
  • "buyer-phone-number"
  • "sku","product-name"
  • "quantity-shipped"
  • "currency"
  • "item-price"
  • "item-tax"
  • "shipping-price"
  • "shipping-tax"
  • "gift-wrap-price"
  • "gift-wrap-tax"
  • "ship-service-level"
  • "recipient-name"
  • "ship-address-1"
  • "ship-address-2"
  • "ship-address-3"
  • "ship-city"
  • "ship-state"
  • "ship-postal-code"
  • "ship-country"
  • "ship-phone-number"
  • "bill-address-1"
  • "bill-address-2"
  • "bill-address-3"
  • "bill-city"
  • "bill-state"
  • "bill-postal-code"
  • "bill-country"
  • "item-promotion-discount"
  • "ship-promotion-discount"
  • "carrier"
  • "tracking-number"
  • "estimated-arrival-date"
  • "fulfillment-center-id"
  • "fulfillment-channel"
  • "sales-channel"

Note: When combined files, be sure to omit duplicate header rows if copying and pasting the data.

By adhering to the file format specified here you should have no problem building and compiling your data to uploads into a custom Bridge audience. 

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