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Can I Edit My Promo?

Written by Ken
Updated 8 months ago

You can edit certain information for a scheduled promo by clicking the "pencil icon" to the left for that promo. The following is a list of items that can be edited and the cutoff times for making the edits. 

1.) You can reschedule, cancel and change promo price up to 48 hours prior blast. Remember if you are changing promo price you need to also be sure that your coupon code(s) reflects the new price as well.

2.) You can change coupon codes for a Solo Blast up to 24 hours prior to the blast starting time. You cannot provide any more codes than the number of codes you originally inputted. 

For multi-day promotions (Waves and Pulses) you can change the coupon codes even after the first day of the promo has gone out up to 24 hours prior to the promotion going out for that day. 

Multi-day promos are treated as a whole so any information you change will take effect for the entire remaining days regardless of which day you selected the edit for. Example: if you were doing a Wave4 and originally supplied 400 codes (100/day) and you completed 2 days and edit the codes and replace the remaining 200 codes with 100 new codes, this will effectively make the remaining two days only apply 50 codes each day. Alternatively, if you replace the remaining 200 codes with 400 codes then the remaining two days will be at 200/day.

3.) You edit the keywords section, including the percentages, up to 24 hours prior to a blast going out. You can also edit this section one time during a multi-day promotion. Changing percentage only will count as an edit. Again the change will affect the entire remaining days of the promotion once changed.

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