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Getting Started with ZonBlast

Written by Ken Moore
Updated 2 months ago

Welcome to SixLeaf!

We have a few steps below to get your ZonBlast promotions setup along with some video walkthroughs for you so you can get your promotions up and running! 

Step 1. Integrating your Amazon account with SixLeaf.  

This first video covers integrating your account and setting your first product active.

This allows you to quickly pick which products to promote without having to manually input all the information about your brand, ASIN's, etc...

Step 2. Using Tracker

Our keyword tracker is included in your subscription and allows you to track 5 keywords per plan you are on.

Step 3. Scheduling Your First Promotion

Now you're ready to schedule your first promotion.

Step 4. How to Create Coupon Codes in Amazon Seller Central

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