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How to find your conversion rate and sessions

Written by Ken
Updated 8 months ago

Watching your sessions (how many people visit your listing) and conversion rate (how many people visit your listing divided by how many purchase are made) 
is valuable insight into how people are responding to the variables of your listing (images, title, star rating etc) 

To find your conversion rate go to your Seller Central account and then to Reports > Business Reports:

Then under “sales and traffic” you can see a top-level overview of your daily business metrics, including “Order Item Session Percentage”, which is your conversion rate:

However, this report isn’t very useful as it groups all of your products together, so you will want to check out the same columns in the ‘By ASIN’ reports, to get information for each product (parent or child):

Your conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of sales (“Total Order Items”) by the number of times people visited your listing, including return visitors (“Sessions”) to get a percentage which is your conversion rate.

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