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New Sign Up FAQ

Written by Ken
Updated 7 months ago

This is a companion document to our  Getting Started with ZonBlast Guide. 


1. Can I integrate more than 1 Seller Central account to my SixLeaf account? 

- Yes!  Whether you have a few brands across multiple Seller Central accounts or manage accounts for clients, we can handle multiple accounts for you can integrate multiple Seller Central accounts to your 1 SixLeaf account.

2. Do I have to integrate my Seller Central account to SixLeaf? 

- Not at all. The integration menu has a bypass option which allows you to manually upload all of your listings and their details. 

3. Why can't I see my new ASIN/listings in my account?

- If you have ASIN's you don't see in your SixLeaf account, try re-syncing your integration first. SixLeaf integration process only pulls new listings from your Seller Central account by hitting the resync button after you have integrated for the first time. 

If this is a new listing in your Seller Central account, you need to resync your integration with us so it will pull down that information into your SixLeaf account. 

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