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The Importance of Integrating With Sixleaf

Explains the benefits of integrating your account with SixLeaf
Written by Ken
Updated 7 months ago

Integrating your seller central account with the Sixleaf platform provides a multitude of benefits that you will not have available if you choose not to integrate or disconnect your integration.

 If you do not integrate your account or disable your integration at any time the following benefits will no longer work in your SixLeaf account.

  • Your marketplace products/ASIN’s will not automatically pull into your SixLeaf account. You will manually have to add any new products that you placed in your seller central account to your SixLeaf account before being able to set them active for ZonBlast campaigns.

  • Automatic listing updates and pricing will not be pulled into your SixLeaf account. You will need to manually update any images, title and price changes to your products within your SixLeaf account.

PLEASE NOTE: We use this information when placing your ZonBlast offer in front of our buying community. Any inaccurate/conflicting information provided in your SixLeaf account vs. what is on your Amazon listing may result in poor blast uptake/performance.

  • Without integration we are unable to pull over your listing description to our deals community. This may result in poor code uptake as our buyers do not have enough information to be willing to purchase.

MOST IMPORTANT – We will not be able to automatically set your MOQ for blasts. You will be responsible for setting the max order quantity in your seller central account prior to a blast to reduce buyers from purchasing  multiples of the product at the discounted price.

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